Until the very end

by / Sunday, 10 April 2016 / Published in Uncategorized

We have planned dismantling antennas and stations. The organisation is quite difficult to match with the high tide, we have only short windows, and wind/waves makes things difficult. We had to QRX few hours this afternoon, and we might also take breaks tomorrow to put bigger antennas down and load/unload the zodiac.

Our plan is to have a full setup until tomorrow morning (except 6m and second inband antenna for 10m). Then the night after we will be QRV only 10m to 40m until 00:00z Monday. It things goes well we should leave this island Monday in the afternoon.

We still have good rates on all bands, and we should soon reach the 100 000 QSOs mark, what a great news !  We will focus on our objectives until the very end.