Our goals

An opportunity to take Juan de Nova off the top 10 list

Juan de Nova is listed as #10 in the DX Magazine’s most wanted survey and #6 according to ClubLog. Juan de Nova is one of the least active DXCC countries and is needed by over 75% of the people who participated in the polls.

The last activity fro this DXCC goes back to 2003 when the TO4E/TO4WW team made 34,000 QSO from Europa Island. There has not been any land permission given in the last 12 years. Permission for 10 people delivered by the ruling authority to access and to stay on the island durin March 2016 was obtained last February. This is an opportunity to take Juan de Nova off the top 10 list.

We truly understand what is at stake with an activity like this and the interest it generates. We have been working for the last several months on the logistics and we are in the process of gathering all the equipment that will be used during the dxpedition to Juand e Nova.

As you know operations from isolated islands are expensive adventures. To go to Juan de Nova we have to charter a boat that is approved by the authorities to transport the team and the equipment. This is the largest item of expenditure.

Statistics speak for themselves. Whatever the continent, Juan de Nova is a DXCC entity that is very rare and that several thousand DXers throughout the world would love to work.

We will be active from 160 to 6m in CW/SSB and RTTY. Openings towards the USA and Japan are short. We will do our utmost to give this entity to worldwide deserving hams while openings last.

We will take into consideration the information that our pilot stations will give us to make Juan de Nova sure that propagation conditions and feedback from the ham radio community are utilized in the best way.

Let’s talk about budget

Because it is important that we keep logistic costs under control we have made a list of equipment that have to meet three main criteria: weight, performance and reliability.

Thanks to the invaluable help of several commercial sponsors we hope to be able to limit our expenditure without falling short on the efficacy and the quality of our signals. The equipment graciously lent by our sponsors will add to our personal equipment that we bring.