The team

The team for this operation on Juan de Nova island is made of 4 team members of FT4TA (Tromelin 2014). We are pleased to add skilled operators who bring their knowledges to make of this operation a success and a wonderful experience for everybody.

F5UFX Seb - Leader

F5UFX Seb - Leader

Modes: CW, SSB, RTTY

Past activities: /FG, /HB0, /TF,TS7C, IS0R, TJ9PF, /FM, 5X8C, /FH, FT4TA

F5CWU  Flo


Modes: CW, SSB, RTTY

Past activities: TI9M, T33C, VU4AN, VU7RG, E4X, TY0CDX, TY9F, 3D2FM, T30WU, T33WU, /FG, /IS0, /TK, /MJ, /MU, P40CW, V8FWU, CN2WU, 4U1UN, T70A, C37N, 1A0C, HV5PUL, 5X8C, /FH, FT4TA

F4BKV  Vincent

F4BKV Vincent

Modes: SSB, RTTY

Past activities: XU7BKV, /FR, /VR2, /9M6, /DU6, /DU1, XX9TKV, VR2C, /YB9, MS0INT, B7P, /3A, TX6T, VP6T, E51BKV, /FK, /HL2, Z37M, 7S0X, C37N, TK0INT, HP0INT, /V85, /9V1, /FH, FT4TA

F4FET  Gil


Préférences: SSB, RTTY

MM, MX0INT, TK0INT, /3A, TM0INT, TM0BIG, TM1INT, /FH, /FR, FT4TA - 27 IOTA activated and almost 100 F islands

F6BEE  Jacques

F6BEE Jacques

Modes: CW, SSB

Past activities: TM2Y, WH7V, 6W1RW, 8Q7TV, CN2JS, TX4T, VP6T and many more countries.

F1NGP  Yann

F1NGP Yann

Modes: RTTY, SSB

Past activities: EB5IJA, EA5HRR, FO0NGP, IS0R, TJ9PF, PJ4C, TX5K

F2DX  Patrick

F2DX Patrick

Modes: CW, SSB, RTTY

Past activities: CY9CF, FP5DX, TK5NN, /FJ, /FS, /PJ5, /PJ6, /FM, TP2CE, C3ØAAL, F6EYS/HBØ, /3A, 4U1ITU, 4UØITU, 4U8ITU, FP14DX, FP89DX, TK5KP, FP5DX, /W, TMØHQ, /VE1,/VO1, /VE2, TK1A, TK2C, TK5A, 5X8C, 5R8M, 3G0ZC

F5PTM  Pascal

F5PTM Pascal

Modes: CW, SSB, RTTY

Past activities: TT8ZZ, op TL8CK, op J28AG, TO4E, /OD5, T6YA

F4HAU Diego

F4HAU Diego

Modes: SSB, RTTY

Past activities: 3A, 3B9, FM, FR and dozen of island activities

EA3NT Christian

EA3NT Christian

Modes: SSB, CW, RTTY

Past activities: 7Q7DX, ZK3DX, T20DX, A35DX, 3D2EA, OJ0/EC3ADC, 4O/EC2ADN, XX9TET, V88/E3NT, 9H3NT, MS0INT, /DU1, /DU6, MS0INT, TM0INT, /VE1, CY9M, /TK, TK0INT, HP0INT, MX0INT, TM1INT, VK7FG, H44NT, H42NT, RA/EA3NT, S79C

FM5CD  Michel

FM5CD Michel

Modes: CW, SSB, RTTY

Past activities: FB8YC, 3YØX, XR9A, 3B7C, J5C, TX5C, TS7C, YI9PSE, TJ9PF, T32C, VP6T, 5X8C, FT5ZM, /FH, FT4TA