6m operation


We have planned some 50 MHz high-performance equipment including a dedicated station consisting of a DXBeam 6 element Yagi, an Elecraft K3 (with preamp), and an SPE Expert 1.3 KFA amplifier. The 6-meter station will operate mostly in a CW beacon mode (“CQ FT4JA”). As our satellite internet access will be very limited, we cannot monitor the cluster. We will switch to a transmitting position (CW or SSB only) as soon as we hear someone respond.

Frequency: 50.102 MHz (CW/SSB)



In an attempt to satisfy everyone, and because the technical challenge is very motivating, we also plan to try EME. Despite limited resources (and operators) to work stations via the moon, FT4JA will be active on 6m EME from LH12iw the following days:

APR 5, 2016  0100-0215z
APR 6, 2016  0200-0315z

APR 4, 2016  1130-1245z
APR 5, 2016  1230-1330z
APR 6, 2016  1315-1430z
APR 7, 2016  1400-1515z
APR 8, 2016  1445-1600z

Frequency: 50.200 MHz (unless there is a problem with that frequency, in which case another frequency will be announced on this page.

Procedure: Following standard DXpedition procedure, we will always TX FIRST sequence JT65A (the EME version in WSJT10).

Because of the limited time we will be devoting to 6m EME, we will be using the W7GJ DXpedition contact procedures. Please be sure to read them carefully, and remember to switch your message back to only callsigns if you are not seeing the FT4JA trace in the previous sequence.