Life at camp is going well, and more opportunities to work us!

by / Tuesday, 05 April 2016 / Published in Uncategorized

Days after day the situation is different. Last night propagation was not as usual ! High bands closed very early with no conditions on 17 & 20m right after our sunset.

Our hard work on low bands RX antennas has finally paid. Many QSO were achieved on 80 and 160m with all parts of the world, OC/JA, then EU and finally SA/NA including West Coast. We’ll do the same next night.

During daytime we are focused on the high bands. The daily runs on 15m are providing a lot of unique callsigns, and we’ll keep a station on that band till the end of the operation.

Life at the camp is going well. All operators are very tired due to extreme heat and sleep deprivation but still very motivated. We have extremely heavy rain since a couple of hours, as well as high winds. Up to now, all the equipment is ok and nothing has been damaged. Let’s hope the situation will improve quickly as our camp is not equiped to face such storms. As soon as possible we’ll call our skipper to ask for weather predictions. We’ll keep you updated about that point.

We are trying to upload the log at least twice a day. Do not hesitate to check it on ClubLog and help us to prevent useless dupes !

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